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GAN is part of the Spanish brand of GANDIABLASCO. In the late 80's, the company's President, Jose Gandia-Blasco, re-opened the family business, which had existed for four decades. True to the origins of the company, Jose developed new lines of home textiles, but also included carpets to his products. This is how the original GAN brand came to being. 

The company tried to emphasize its own language of expression through brave and modern design which was quite risky for traditional industry of those days. However, this move proven to be very successful. 

Today GAN offers handmade carpers from natural wool. Each carpet collection is created by a world-famous designer and, like a painting, keeps a part of the artist's soul. That is why each GAN carpet is not just a carpet, but an art object in the interior of the house. The company collaborates with such famous designers as Patricia Urquiola, Hector Serrano, Nendo and Charlotte Lancelot.

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You can control the entire process

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Fixed timeframes

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