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The name of the company itself refers to a bright harlequin in motley, multi-colored garments, reflecting an eclectic design inspired by the catwalk. Factory artists like to blend digital design technology with watercolor, gouache, ink and many other materials to create new effects and color combinations.

This constant search for innovation was born out of a close relationship with production. For more than 30 years the design studio literally located side by side with production hall of wallpaper. So the designers know and understand all the peculiarities of their product.

Combining innovative technology with ambitious design, Harlequin has gained a global reputation as a trendy, trend-setting brand.

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You can control the entire process
You can control the entire process

You are well informed about the project delivery from the beginning up to its end

Fixed timeframes
Fixed timeframes

Delay is not in our vocabulary. We do guarantee fast and exact completion of your order for your outmost convenience

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