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Loro Piana


For more than 100 years, Loro Piana has been the largest manufacturer of premium fabrics. Today it is the official supplier of fabrics for such famous brands as Brioni, D&G, Christian Dior.

This family-owned company for six generations produces the best cashmere and wool fabrics for the most sophisticated and demanding customers. The highest quality raw materials and careful control of production are the key to the success of Loro Piana.

Excellent knowledge of production technologies of the textile industry, as well as research of the most expensive and rare fibers have led to creation of unique collections for homes, yachts and the best hotels in the world.

Our 2 main advantages

What makes us special

You can control the entire process
You can control the entire process

You are well informed about the project delivery from the beginning up to its end

Fixed timeframes
Fixed timeframes

Delay is not in our vocabulary. We do guarantee fast and exact completion of your order for your outmost convenience

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