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Luigi Bevilacqua is a craft weaving company which exists since 1700 and is the national pride of Italy. Located in the heart of Venice, the factory is known all over the world for its unsurpassed textiles. The best samples of the factory are natural silk made by the Damascus technique, jacquard fabrics and the famous Venetian velvet with classic and modern patterns - from Renaissance and Baroque to art Nouveau and art Deco.

Luigi Bevilacqua fabrics are recognized as one of the daintiest and refined. The factory is one of the few in the world that uses manual work at all stages of production. It is unbelievable but Fabrics are made on the original machines of the XVIII century.

The Venetian manufactory, whose velvet and silk decorate the Italian palazzos, royal and government residences of Sweden, Argentina, the United States and Kuwait, is the official supplier of textiles to the Vatican. For more than a century of its existence, the factory has collected a unique archive of fabrics covering the entire period of weaving history since the thirteenth century.

Luigi Bevilacqua has preserved the world's only 1,600-reel manual machine which is capable of reproducing particularly complex ornaments.

The last order made on this machine was velvet for upholstery of one of the ancient sets of the Moscow Kremlin. Complex machinery of the XVIII century used in the company requires special training and long-term practice from weavers. Their craftsmanship and unique creations have been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage of humanity.

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