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Fabrics and wallpaper from Sanderson are the guarantee of the highest quality from the brand with a great history that began in 1860 in London. That year Arthur Sanderson opened a business to import luxury French wallpaper. Later by 1881, he had built a wallpaper factory and was producing them under his own name. And by 1899, Sanderson opened the largest Wallpaper showroom in London and established exports to the United States and the colonies.

Later on Sanderson became engaged in fabrics manufacturing. in 1919 the company opened a fabric factory in Uxbridge. It allowed to strengthen the company’s position among the UK's most famous brands. Over a century and a half of hard work, the factory has mastered the finest nuances of textile production and collected a rich archive, including more than 25,000 samples, from Victorian fabrics to modern interpretations of the classics.

Some historical designs are accurately transferred to fabrics and wallpaper, while others are a source of inspiration for the new collections. The Sanderson archives contain, among other things, sketches by William Morris, owner of the Morris&Co manufactory, famous in the late nineteenth century for its fabrics and wallpaper made of natural dyes.

As one of the oldest fabric and wallpaper companies in the UK, Sanderson is known for its iconic style which harmonically combines classics with fresh bright and elegant colors. Sanderson is a cozy family home where style is important, but not more important than comfort.

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